Martin Jensen reviews the sequel to the prequel.

Mirror Mirror on the- AAAARRRRRGGGGGGGHHHH!!!!!!

Martin Jensen reports from a special screening of early footage from the new instalment of Planet of the Apes.

Paying what you want for at least five films?  Bargain!

I love Space!  Atmosphere. Black holes. Astronauts. Nebulas. Jupiter. The Big Dipper.  THE BIG DIPPER!

Is bigger better? Gareth Edwards new monster movie is about to take over a city near you.

Space, Space, wanna go to Space!  Wanna see me?  Buy a telescope.  Gotta by a telescope, gonna be in Space. Are we in Space yet?

It's takes a lot of expertise and confidence to say "Action!" to a skyscraper-sized reptile.

Alice on Mars

A new teaser for the Far Fetched Fiction Film...

Studio Ghibli

Watch six of Hayao Miyazaki's great works on the big screen at Stratford Picturehouse!