What is it like to be told you'll be directing a 50,000 tonne reptile?  Gareth Edwards reveals!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Catches thieves, just like flies!  Has plot-holes that are super-sized!  Look out!  Here comes the Spider-Man!

Up from the depths!  Thirty stories high!

The Double

Richard Ayoade's second feature The Double is a mixture of Dostoyevsky and Gilliam, with a two-for-one performance from Jesse Eisenberg. In cinemas now.

Alice on Mars

The work of master of Far-Fetched Fiction master Robert Rankin finally has a chance of coming to the big-screen from director Martin Gooch, with your help!

The Wachowskis are at it again with another sci-fi epic. Watch the latest trailer.

This short film looks really promising... unless it gets caught up in a wave of tabloid fuelled hysteria and banned under the Obscene Publications act.

Martin Jensen reports on a special sneak preview of scenes from the forthcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Award-winning The Machine, which closed last year's Oktoberfest, is in cinemas and on VoD now. Martin Jensen takes a look and finds it more artificial than intelligent.