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SFL APP Update

Carry the festival in your pocket!  Win stuff, see exclusive content...get it now!

sci-fi-london 48hr film challenge

48 Hour Challenge Update

The winners of this year’s challenges are announced Wed 2 May.

Day one - 48hr challenge

Hundreds of people are making films and writing stories this weekend, here’s an update on progress so far.

the sci-fi-london 48hr trophy

The 2017 challenge winners

Good luck this weekend challengers.  ICYMI, here are last year's results.

sci fi london is coming

The Festival Teaser

Here is a little video teaser of the eye, ear and brain candy coming 1 - 7 May

garetth edwards - 48hr scifi film challenge winner

What a rogue...

He made Rogue One... but more importantly, won the 48hr - now he heads the jury!

EMBERS - now available in the UK

We gave this amazing movie our BEST FILM award.  It is a fantastic debut by Claire Carre and finally available to buy.


The Hoff only made 3rd place!  The 2017 festival is now over, but we are delighted to announce our awards.

Two weeks to go

The festival is almost here!