Aliens: Colonial Marines - What is that

Aliens: Colonial Marines Interview with Chris Neely

With the release of Aliens: Colonial Marines less than a week away, SFL chat to Gearbox’s Chris Neely about returning to Hadley’s Hope.

The Cave - Hillbilly Dunking Booth

The Cave Review

The Cave is an adventure game that’s been 25 years in the making but sadly lacks any spirit of adventure.

Crysis 3 - The Hunter

Crysis 3 Multiplayer Beta now happening

Indra Wignall heads to a futuristic New York in the multiplayer beta of EA’s upcoming title Crysis 3.

Gamers Day

Sunday Gamers Day

Visit the Sunday Gamers Day as part of London Anime Con February 9 - 10.

The Cave - Carnival


As The Cave welcomes seven intrepid explorers into… THE CAVE (it’s a talking cave), SFL chatted with its creator and producer Ron Gilbert about underground Ferris wheels and big weird maps.

Monster High: Skultimate Roler Maze

Monster High: Skultimate Roller Maze Review

Review by Ian Abbott

If I were a 7 year old girl, this would be the game I’d be begging mammy and poppa for. Based on the set of fashion dolls launched in 2010 pitched at alternative little girls who are inspired by the monsters of Lady Gaga and sharp fanged Twilight gang, the Monster High range is crammed onto the groaning shelves of Toys R Us with merchandise by the bucketful alongside novels and TV shows. This is the vampy girls’ second gaming release as a Nintendo Wii/DS double bill.

Nintendo Land Map

Wii U and Nintendo Land Review

Santa brought us a big bag of Nintendo joy for Xmas 2012

Dark Souls - Knives

Dark Souls: Artorias of the Abyss review

With Dark Souls 2 just announced at the VGA Awards, Peter Gothard looks at why it’s more important than ever to prepare to die.