Flash Forward


What did you see? Do you want to see it again on DVD?


The Listener competition

Another supernatural TV series, this time from Canada. Win a DVD box-set

Tears for Sale

Tears for Sale

Desperate housewives gets a Serbian makeover


Aaah! Zombies

Remember, Zombies are People, too!

Black Lightning DVD

Black Lightning

Herbie goes to Moscow.

The Defendor

Defendor - Win DVDs

Woody Harrelson's wannabe hero has lost his marbles. Win a copy of the DVD.

Kick Ass - Dave - Aaron Taylor Johnson


Brit's Kick Ass with comic book movies.

Hunter Prey

Hunter Prey - competition

Desert planet chase movie, which premiered at SFL9, gets UK DVD release. Win a copy on DVD.

The Blackout

The Blackout

THE BLACKOUT is basically Melrose Place but with subterranean monsters terrorising a Los Angeles apartment complex.