Captain Kirk

SCI-FI-LONDON chooses this week's Sci-Fi Song of the Week on Debatable Spaces


Brookside suddenly got interesting.

Predators Cast

Sneak peak at the new Predators movie

Darker Than Black

Aquarion soars to it's conclusion and Darker Than Black gets a boxset


Two blasts from the past with Slayers: Complete First Season and Sherlock Hound: Complete Series.

Kick Ass - Dave - Aaron Taylor Johnson


KICK-ASS by name, kick ass by nature. Win a Mark Millar book.


Zom-rom-com American style.

Dantes Inferno

Dante's Inferno

A his and hers review of EA's version of a literary classic. Win a PS3 game.

The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N K Jemisin

A solid tale with a unique mythology that is extremely well written.

Sinking of Japan

Mother Nature versus the Land of the Rising Sun.