Not the 'best' books of the year, rather these are my favourites of the books I read

District 9

Barbecued prawns and cat food anyone?

Darker than Black

Darker than Black comes to an end… for now. Plus, all 26 episodes of Slayers Try.

James Cameron

The blockbuster director talks about the technical aspects and political themes of his latest sci-fi spectacular.

Iron Man 2

Coming next summer, the next chapter in the Iron Man franchise.

Misfits Cast


Heroes on a South London estate. Win DVDs.


Not quite the second coming.

Avatar Survival Guide

A perfect tie-in book, offering a stunning companion to this cutting-edge masterpiece.


Starhyke Sci-fi comedy is a bit of a carry on.

The Nargun and the Stars

A lovely children's fantasy book, that gently pulls the reader in and keeps them guessing.