Greg Grunberg - Heroes

Greg Grunberg

SCI-FI-LONDON goes on the beat with Matt Parkman.



There's a new zom-com in town.

La Careina

Call for Short Films

Reel Islington Films is looking for shorts for its Halloween Screamings festival.

Cory Doctrow

Cory Doctorow podcast

Cory Doctorow talks to Sci-Fi London about his writing career so far

SCI-FI-LONDON 8 - Alex Fitch interviewing Kevin O'neil

Kevin O'Neill podcast

The second of this year's podcasts from SFL8...

The Unborn Poster

The Unborn

Born again on DVD and Blu-ray. Win a copy on DVD.

Sam and Max

Sam and Max: Culture Shock

Revival of cult LucasArts game as a download gets Matt Dillon all nostalgic.