lego batman

Check out this video about our favourite plastic superhero.  The Lego Batman!

I, Robot on radio 4

We love aural pleasures here at SFL and we can't wait for this production of I,ROBOT.

the white king

Soon to be crowned, The White King hits a few days after Trump gets the top job... watch out!

We just hope it lives up to its heritage...

somnus movie

Chris Reading's debut feature hits the shelves on Jan 2.    Eager to support UK indie scifi, we suggest you take a look

I, Robot icon image

The Folio Society have put together another fantastic illustrated science-fiction classic, and this time it’s Isaac Asimov’s hugely influential work I, Robot.

Star wars rogue one, gareth edwards, sci-fi-london

Oh, we cant wait... but did you see the Star Wars connection with our 48hr film challenge?  Check these out.

luc besson valerian

Terribly excited about Besson's next project - take a look here.

Dr Who Merchandise Museum

Telos Publishing's Commander, David Howe needs help to fund a permenant home for his amazing Dr Who collection.

festival of zombie culture uk

Eat up... a week to go before the Festival of Zombie Culture drags itself into Leicester...